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Mia, a recent graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, is a writer, director and editor of diverse teen drama shorts, quirky music videos, and stylized social media promotions. She dreams of writing and directing blockbuster action features starring characters of color.

Mia was born and raised in the suburbs of Massachusetts, where she began Film & TV in sports broadcast and won a National Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences Student Award of Excellence in her Junior year of high school. Earning several 1st and 2nd Place awards in the local Hockomock Film Festival, Mia zoomed off to Los Angeles, California to make her passion into a career at her dream school. 

As a biracial, Japanese-American, Mia calls many places, cultures and people 'home'. With Tokyo, Japan serving as a second home for most of her childhood and her parents moving to Honolulu, Hawaii, Mia loves to travel and keep her Japanese from getting rusty.

When Mia is away from a computer screen, she can be found on a large patch of grass playing ultimate frisbee. Being the go-to handy woman with funny impressions, and interesting dance moves, Mia's dad vibes follow her wherever she goes. She is an avid gamer, baseball hat collector, and ramen fanatic. 

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